Eliminate the box! Simplify the process. Significantly reduce cost at all levels.

Eliminate the box! Simplify the process. Significantly reduce cost at all levels.

by Yolandi, May 30, 2017

Transition your Microsoft Full-Packaged Product business to ESD with Rectron!

Microsoft ESD products is a great opportunity to grow your business. Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is a digital delivery of a product key directly to consumers and small businesses via reseller, retailer and e-tailer partners.

From the latest Windows offering, the full Office suite to Office 365, ESD has you covered. The product key is securely delivered directly to your customer’s device, ready to be installed. All the customer needs is the Microsoft Live ID. The ability to download the software online means they spend less money and time to process order and you save on your delivery and storage costs. A full Office suite is not included on most new devices – recommend an Office suite with every device sale. Customers want Office but they are 5x more likely to purchase Office only if you recommend it.

Implement API integration with Rectron and process your orders automatically. Your customers will appreciate easy and secure purchases with an instant delivery from your shops.

Our partners, who have implemented API integration and started ESD sales have acquired leading places in electronic software sales and continue to grow revenue rapidly. Catch the opportunity now!

Living in a fully connected world means that we exist in an always-on society. All you have to do to see it is look around you and notice the way people are getting things done. From meetings held over Skype to online shopping and live streaming anything and everything our hearts desire, we’re rarely truly offline and everything happens at the click of a button.

Talk to your customers and promote it. Save your time, offering products with an instant availability and a few minutes delivery

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