How the ESD model benefits the end-user

Back in the old days, buying software was quite an involved process. Customers who wanted to buy Microsoft Office or Windows would need to go to a shop, find the box, take it to the till, and pay for it with card or cash.  Worse, even before they did that they’d need to find a […]

ESD: Automated software delivery, automatic profits

Most resellers know that selling IT products in pursuit of profit is a challenging business. Not only is the economy tough right now, but there are many pitfalls and risks to selling anything – even when things are good – that need to be weighed up. Not least of all estimating just how much of […]

Everybody benefits with ESD

Rectron offers resellers the opportunity to sell digital software through its Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) platform. These include the most popular titles from Microsoft, including Office and Windows. Electronic Software Delivery, as its name implies, lets customers buy their software over the internet. The automated process is far faster than visiting a store or placing […]