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Everybody benefits with ESD

Rectron offers resellers the opportunity to sell digital software through its Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) platform. These include the most popular titles from Microsoft, including Office and Windows.

Electronic Software Delivery, as its name implies, lets customers buy their software over the internet. The automated process is far faster than visiting a store or placing an order and then waiting for delivery of a box, and the product the customer gets is identical to the Full Packaged Product sold in shops.

By delivering digital purchases of Office and Windows SKUs via ESD, Rectron is making it possible for resellers to sell Microsoft’s software all day, every day, even on public holidays and weekends.

What’s more, the end-user gets an improved purchasing experience, a factor that counts heavily in the reseller’s favour when it comes to repeat business and their word-of-mouth reputation. 

Instead of having to phone you to place an order, wait for payment to be processed, wait for the product to be picked from the warehouse and then queued up for delivery, and then waiting for that delivery to arrive, your customer can rather place their order with you, download and install their software once the purchase has been validated, and have what they need within minutes rather than hours or days.

In this way, the end-user gets the benefit of the speed and convenience of getting their software digitally, including the fact that whatever they’ve just bought is permanently associated with their account, allowing them to re-download it whenever they like. All of this will cement you in the mind of your customer as a provider of the kind of service worth recommending to others.

You, the reseller, get to offer a product that doesn’t cost you anything, is available to your customers 24/7/365, and which you don’t have to make space for inside your warehouse. Perhaps more importantly, you can bundle software available via ESD with hardware packages, further enhancing your revenues and overall value proposition while benefiting your customer at the same time.

It’s an all-round win, because you can literally make money from digital software sales while you sleep, and your customers can buy from you whenever is most convenient for them. Well, customers whose accounts aren’t cash-only, that is.

There really aren’t any downsides to selling Microsoft’s most in-demand software packages digitally via ESD. You make more money, your clients get a fantastic customer experience, and there’s never any question of whether or not the software they want is in stock, because digital products are always in stock.

Choosing ESD means that everybody wins, and that’s the kind of situation we love to see!